"KARLOFF the play" is a one-man-show, not a lecture. 


Though only a single actor is on the stage, invisible characters abound, and Boris interacts with them, re-living non-linearly visited events in his life rather than just telling the audience about his life in the past tense. 


A jumble of hats and props are piled to one side on a table suggestive of Dr. Frankenstein's famous operating table.  There is a stool and a simple wooden chair. 


The brief, fast paced scenes are underscored with music and sound in a cinematic manner, befitting the story of a Hollywood star. 


In the fantasy limbo of this highly theatrical environment, a man who was very private in real life, opens up and reveals a unique story about the indomitability of the human spirit.


The theme of  KARLOFF the play is self realization. 


The subject is the art of acting. 


The story:  Overcoming physical and cultural handicaps, William Henry Pratt eventually becomes an unlikely success in his chosen field of acting, by making the most out of an equally unlikely opportunity when he's cast in the role of a monster. 


The central metaphor:  The Frankenstein Monster trying to grasp light when he first sees it, representing Boris, and all of us bumbling creatures, trying to reach and understand more than we're capable of comprehending.


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Using quotes from Boris Karloff, both humorous and serious, on a wide range of topics, the play is a jigsaw puzzle of brief, non-chronologically enacted events in the actor's life. The theme is self-realization. The subject is the art of acting. The story is how William Henry Pratt[1] AKA Boris Karl...
New Biography by Stephen Jacobs
New Biography by Stephen Jacobs
Boris Karloff 1887-1969
Boris Karloff 1887-1969